Restored Century Home
No detail has been overlooked.

The house dates back to 1893 when the 1/2 acre property (lots 34 and 35) were purchased for a total sum of $650.  Construction of the house began in 1896 and was completed 6 years later in 1902.  The total cost to build was $450.  The home was extensively renovated by the Zurbrigg family in 1927.   Charlotte Zurbrigg was 100 years old when she moved out of the house.  When the home was sold to Werner and Gudren Van Wasen in 1994,  a two year renovation was undertaken prior to moving in.  This included all electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling... structural reinforcement, replacement of most windows and all exterior doors, adding a small addition to the back of the house... refinishing woodwork, hardwood flooring...  The work was completed including bringing the decor to what it would have been in 1902 by Bill and Dorien Murray the current owners. The attention to detail is evident in every corner of the home.  Welcome to Amadeus Haus the restored yellow-brick century home located at 62 Elizabeth Street in Stratford, Ontario.



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62 Elizabeth Street, Stratford, ON  N5A 4Z2