Two Course Full Breakfast

Gather one and all for early coffee, tea or juice served between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.  Guests are welcomed to sit around the kitchen table and join Bill and Dorien in conversation and watch final breakfast preparations.  We try to solve the problems of the world... not sure if we ever succeed but the discussions continue!  Also great if you want to get a beverage and sit in the livingroom reading the morning papers or sit outside.  

A full two course healthy meal including a hot entree is served each day starting at 8:30 a.m... "no greasy fried eggs or sausages at this B & B."  

Beverages    Coffee (fresh ground roasted Medium Dark Not Fade Away Ethiopian coffee beans from
                        To Bean or Not to Bean), various Mighty Leaf teas, milk, orange and grapefruit juice

First Course - "Act One"

Cereal          Home made granola plus two cereals

Bread           A selection of home made bread or scones and 2 muffins
                   ...made fresh each day.  (all are test kitchen approved)

Fruit Salad   Fresh fruit served with home made granola and yogurt cheese





Second Course - "Act Two"

Hot Entree      A variety of egg dishes or one of the many Specialty Pancakes, French Toast,
                    Crepes or Waffle recipes... Entrees alternate between savoury and sweet.


Please let us know in advance of your arrival if there are any food allergies or major food dislikes,
or when you check-in if you require Decaf Coffee...

A small surcharge may apply for "extreme" special dietary requirement purchases.  

Dorien shares the daily recipes and enjoys receiving recipes.  With advance notice, she will try to accommodate requests from guests for "encore"  hot dish, muffin or bakes good items from previous stays.  Returning guests receive a complimentary cookbook containing all the recipes served over the past few years including favourites from the first decade.  



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