Guest Reviews from our Guest Book and Emails received
2016 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.  Also check out comments.

30-Oct-16 From Tom and Ruth

Absolutely most enjoyable!  Food...what can I say - GREAT - DELICIOUS - and MORE - MORE!!! Hospitality, excellent hosts!

30-Oct-16 From Madelyn

Wonderful stay - great room and excellent food!

21-Oct-16 From Candy and Jenna

We absolutely enjoyed our stay here.  The food was amazing and the conversation in the kitchen and dining room was like being with old friends.  We loved meeting Butler and if we have the opportunity, will definately return.  Thank you for making our stay in Stratford so wonderful! 

21-Oct-16 From Aldene and Ray

Fantastic breakfasts and very comfortable accomodation! 

21-Oct-16 From Brian and Mary Anne

Beautiful place Love all the attention to detail.  Great food and great company.

19-Oct-16 From Pat and Myra

A pleasure and wonderful breakfast and beautiful company!

19-Oct-16 From Marilyn

Another fantastic visit with you and enjoyed Amadeus Haus from a foundation guest!!!

14-Oct-16 From Mary

Fulfills every wonderful guest house fantasy!

12-Oct-16 From Hedy and John

It has been a wonderful stay in the Amadeus Haus and the Green Room.  Your breakfast is sooo delicious, especially the home made yogurt and waffles.  The room is so tastefully decorated and comfortable.  Thank you.

08-Oct-16 From Greg and Sue

Thanks to Dorien and Bill and Butler, the gentle dog, for a wonderful first ever B and B stay.  The accomodations are lovely and it was so wonderful to wake up to the smell of baking muffins and scones.  Thank you.

07-Oct-16 From Doug and Aggie

We had a wonderful stay - beautiful home, delicious breakfast, and themost welcoming hosts.  Thank you so much!  Hope to see you next year.

07-Oct-16 From Bill and Pam

We throughly enjoyed our stay at Amadeus.  This was our first trip to Stratford and it certainly won't be our last.  Thanks to Bill and Dorien for the fabulous hospitality and delicious breakfast.

06-Oct-16 From Verena and Gerry

Thnak you very much for our wonderful hospitality.  We enjoyed our stay at Amadeus Haus very much.

05-Oct-16 From Doug and Lesley

About as perfect as anyone could wish for - beautiful home, attentive hosts, great breakfast.  Hope to return next year.

02-Oct-16 From Steve and Ann

Thank you so much for your hospitality!  You have a beautiful home and garden.  We enjoyed our stay.  The breakfast was delicious --- we were treated royally!

02-Oct-16 Dennis and Yvonne

We have throughly enjoyed our stay at the Amadeus Haus.  Dorien and Bill you are such gracious hosts.  The conversations with you were wonderful.  Our accomodations were great and the breakfasts delicious.  Thanks for the "goody bags" as well.  Have a wonderful celebration of your parents anniversary.  We loved our time and we'll be back.  

29-Sep-16 John and Krista

It couldn't have been more perfect!  Both the flowers and the house and the breakfast!  There couldn't be a nicer place to come and stay in.

25-Sep-16 From Stephanie and Roger

So look forward to returning here every year.  Can't believe how the years have flown by - 14?!  Every stay is a wonderful experience - love the attention to all the details in every aspect of our stay.  It's better than being at home!  Love coming here.

25-Sep-16 From Carol and John

As "founding" folks who have loved every minute of all the annual trips here, Thank you!!  A wonderful B & B with the best atmosphere, food, and friendship!

25-Sep-16 From Earl and Marilyn

Always love it at Amadeus Haus!

18-Sep-16 From Jon and Debi

Another restorative week with true friends in Stratford - Renewal and Joyful fellowship.  We're so "At HOme" in this town and it all readiates from 62 Elizabeth Street.  Jon

No truer words were ever written!  Thank you for 9 marvelous years.  We "love youse guys!"  Debi

18-Sep-16 From Peggy

I have probably said this before but I always feel as though this is my home away from home.  As usual, everything was perfect!  I will miss you both but will keep in touch.  Thank-you so very much.

18-Sep-16 From Laura

You take such good care of us all!  We love this week with you and our friends.  See you next year!

18-Sep-16 From Jerry and Joyce

What a wonderful week-again!  It's always like coming home. Thanks for all you do to make us feel special and pampered. 

10-Sep-16 From Barb and Jim

Another great stay. Coming to Stratford would not be the same without staying at Amadeus Haus.  It is always great to catch up and visit with you.  Amazing breakfasts and Coffee.  See you next year.

05-Sep-16 From Margo

It just gets better and better!   Thanks for another glorious stay.

05-Sep-16 From Jay

Thank you for an extraordinary introduction to the world of B & B's - although I doubt others will be able to match my wonderful experience here at Amadeus Haus.  Also, thanks to Margo for bring me along.

05-Sep-16 From Dave and Connie

Thank you so much for another great stay!  MacBeth was amazing too.  Thanks again and see you next year for sure.

02-Sep-16 From Cheryl and Chuck

We enjoyed our 14th visit to Amadeus Haus as much as the first time.  Just keeps getting better and better!  This is the best B & B in all our travels throughout the US and Canada.  Thanks.

02-Sep-16 From Mike and Christine

Thanks Dorien and Bill!

27-Aug-16 From Tina and Fred

Another wonderful time a "The Best" B & B in Stratford!  Always so hard to leave for home.  But always look forward to next year!

25-Aug-16 From Gayle and Michele

Returning to Amadeus Haus and the warm welcome by Dorien & Bill has instilled a resolve to plan earlier so we can get a return stay.  Michele and I love Stratford and have stayed at various B & B's.  None are as wonderful or beautiful as Amadeus Haus.  This is due to Dorien's gracious personality and superb cooking; as well as Bill's gorgeous flowers.  Wish we could stay longer.  Michele wishes so could take Butler home.  Till next year,

21-Aug-16 From Will and Arlene

Each time I come to Amadeus Haus, I feel I come close to where perfection lives.  Bill and Dorien - you have made our stay in Stratford each year a joy.  Many thanks.

14-Aug-16 From Ken and Leah

Thanks for a beautifully decorated, comfortable and charming place.  Enjoyed your hospitality, tasy breakfast and the enjoyable company of all the other guests.

06-Aug-16 From Chuck and Brenda

We reached home at 4:15.  Bill,the driving directions were excellent, and the route shortened our trip!

Dorien, we enjoyed every morsel of breakfast you created each day and thank you for the creativity and effort you put into each new recipe.  Not one is less than fabulous!  

Butler we love you and think you are one fabulous dog!  Thank you for everything.  I will miss the morning chats with you both, the quiet times on the porch, the breakfasts, and the beautiful flowers everywhere - so amazing.

30-Jul-16 From Owen and Marie

Just Beautiful!  Everything was superb!  Will definitely come again.  Thank you.

29-Jul-16 Michael and Martha

Michael and I had a very relaxing couple of days, thanks to you and Bill.  It was such a pleasure for us to meet you both and stay in your lovely home.  You are gracious hots and special people.  We plan to be back again in the Fall.  

29-Jul-16 From Amy and Matt

Thank you for a wonderful experience.  Your B & B is so beautiful.  My Aunt Lottie would be delighted.

Note:  Aunt Lottie was a previous owner at 62 Elizabeth having lived in the house until 100 years of age.

28-Jul-16 From Mike and Martha

Exceptional B & B experience, exceptional owners, and a very special time.  We will return!  We just loved Everything!

24-Jul-16 From Enid and David

Thanks very much - lovely room, wonderful food, great hosts.

23-Jul-16 From Anita and Thomas

Thank you so much.  We had a lovely - although to short-a-stay... We'll make sure to come back!

17-Jul-16 From Kim and Joe

Thank you for a lovely and welcoming stay.  Your home is lovely and we enjoyed meeting the other guests.  The food was above and beyond.  I'm not sure what thay will do to my Weight Watchers this week.  I's sure it won't be good.  Thanks again.

15-Jul-16 From Chris and David

A grand time, in a lovely house with wonderful hosts.

15-Jul-16 From Kathy, Joyce, Liz and Verla

What can we say!! Every year gets better, though it seems impossible.  Thanks again for a wonderful visit!  The Pembroke Girls.

09-Jul-16 From Cheryl and Jeannine

...such a beautiful home!  and the welcoming hospitality (including Butler) made our stay a memorable one!  Amazing food!

28-Jun-16 From Anna Beth and Joel

 A beautiful, interesting home in a beautiful setting.  Very comforable and delicious food.

19-Jun-16 From Marie and Sean

 Our first experience at a B & B and it was exceptional.  Thank you for your hospitality.

12-Jun-16 From Dale and Nancy

 We loved our first visit to your beautiful old home.  Great, hospitality and food was wonderful!

10-Jun-16 From Tina and Fred

Wonderful as always!  See you again the August!  Congrats on the "2016" Trip Advisor Award! 

05-Jun-16 From Vadim and Natalia

What a wonderful house!  Thannk you Dorien and Bill for your hospitality and warm home!

04-Jun-16 From Phil and Kathy

Here we are back for the 10th year.  Such great hospitality Dorien and Bill.  We'll be back in the fall. 

04-Jun-16 From Tony

 It was great to be back after 5 years.  I had given a glowing description of Amadeus Haus to Marion, and I think that she had doubted that is could be so good.  After the first breakfast, she is converted and can't wait to get back.  I hope that the Fesitval comes up with a great 2017 program.

03-Jun-16 From Janet and Judy

What a beautiful home you have!  Loved spending a couple of days with you! 

29-May-16 From Philip and Caroline

 Great to be back again this year and to enjoy your beautiful home and hospitality with great friends!

27-May-16 From Linda and Bill

 This was our first visit, will not be the last!  Thank you so much. Wonderful hosts, food. So enjoyable.

22-May-16 From Mike and Candace

Great hosts, accomodations and guests, and delicious food!  See you again. 

21-May-16 From Pat and Nancy

Always wonderful to be back!  Thanks. 

11-Oct-15 From Charlie and Marie

Dorien and Bill, thanks for your warm and inviting welcome, your top-notch accomodations, and your amazing breakfasts!!  Amadeus Haus is our new favourite B & B.  We look forward to being repeat visitors to Stratford.  Thanks for your gracious hospitality!

09-Oct-15 From Bob and Joan

As ever....superb.  Thank you again for your hospitality.

03-Oct-15 From Bob and Sue

Thank you so much for the wonderful cookbook.  We are looking forward to making some of your recipes.  We really enjoyed our stay with you and appreciate all of your hard work.  I wrote a 5 star ratiing on TripAdvisor but it would not take my name.  I will get our some to help me try again.  Take Care.

03-Oct-15 From Rosemary and Jack

Thank you for the superb hospitality and delicious breakfasts.  We rank Amadeus Haus as being the best bed and breakfast we've stayed in.  We definitely plan on coming back.

02-Oct-15 From Candy and Mike

This continues to be our favorite place to stay.  Appreciate the time and energy spent on providing food that I'm able to eat.  Thanks. 

02-Oct-15 From Karen

A lovely home in a lovely part of the world.  Thank you so much for your hospitality. 

30-Sep-15 From Elaine and David

Thanks so much for a lovely stay.  See you next year.  P.S. Don't forget to take away the Baked Goods. 

30-Sep-15 From Bob and Sue

Thank you for our wonderful stay.  The weather has been warm and for the most part - sunny.

27-Sep-15 From Carol and John

Fabulous! Magnificient! Awesome! Charming! What a great time with you all.  Love our annual trip. 

27-Sep-15 From Earl and Marilyn

Many thanks for the heartfelt reception and gracious accomodation.  It's beginning to feel like returning to our Canadian retreat. 

27-Sep-15 From Roger and Stephanine

As we return here each year, we feel welcomed and love the warmth of your hospitality.  We especially love all the details you incorporate to make each returning year "special."  Love the breakfasts, the sherry and those luscious chocolates!!

24-Sep-15 From Lisa and Judy

Lovely and delicious!  Thank you both :-)

23-Sep-15 From John and Joan

We would like to say thank you for such a lovely stay at your place.  You make everyone feel welcome and comfortable in your home.  Thank you also for such a lovely brunch that you so thoughtfully choose for us and for the take-home goodies!!! We hope Bill has his surgery real soon.  Bill, your gardens are just lovely and we were able to see it in full bloom.  Last year it was wet and rainy when we were there.  Again, thank you for such a nice visit.  Take Care.

22-Sep-15 From Mary and Glen

Delightful as always.  All the best Bill with your ankle.  Here's to good health! 

20-Sep-15 From Jerry and Joyce

Thank you for another wonderful week.  Breakfasts were outstanding, as always.  Love being here with you.  Can't wait for next year.

20-Sep-15 From Jon and Debi

Like they said!!  We love you Dorien, Bill and Butler.  We are home (with PERKS) when we are with you.

20-Sep-15 Peggy

Another wonderful week at Amadeus Haus.  Dorien and Bill, thank you for being so wonderful.  It's like coming home.

I had an absolutely wonder time during my stay in Stratford.  As I always say it feels like my second home. ... Thanks again for a wonderful B & B experience and for being such great friends.

20-Sep-15 Laura

Why does this week go faster and faster every year?!  It's so good to spend the time with you and our group.  Thanks as ever for a great time!

12-Sep-15 From Barb and Jim

Great stay as usual.  Lots of good advice about shopping and the museum.  Its great to see you every year and catch up. 

05-Sep-15 David and Connie

Thanks so much again for another fabulous time at your place!  Everything was fantastic again!  Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in the 2016 season.

04-Sep-15 Bob and Joan

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay.  We enjoyed meeting you both and loved your home. 

04-Sep-15 From Barb and Mel

Awesome, welcoming, great space, conversations at breakfast, BREAKFASTS!  Super hosts.  Thank you. 

29-Aug-15 Paul and Lyn

Lovely home and exceptional breakfast.

28-Aug-15 Tina and Fred

After 10+ years here, what is there to say, but wonderful as always, dear Bill, Dorien and my pal Butler! 

24-Aug-15 Will and Arlene

And so it's done - our week here in Stratford with the Festival and with you, Bill and Dorien - this house, the guests and breakfast - where else in the world woud we find all this.  Now sadly, it's time to go.  Thank you for everything. 

23-Aug-15 Jeannie and Sam

Another year and another wonderful stay.  Thank you - you think of everything to make our time here in Stratford wonderful!  See you next year.

19-Aug-15 Wendy and Jim

Thank you once again for your wonderful hospitality! We loved the fabulous breakfast and we will return.

15-Aug-15 Barb and Andy

A wonderful experience!

13-Aug-15 Sheryl and Craig

Such a wonderful time.  Always hate to leave.

09-Aug-15 Wilfred and Lona

It's almost like coming home.  Thanks again.  Good health.

09-Aug-15 Jeri and Clarence

Thanks so very much for making our first ever experience at a B & B so amazing.  Your home-hospitality were topnotch and we thoroughly enjoyed our time here with you and the other guests.

07-Aug-15 Sandra and Susan

Our first experience here - wonderful! So glad we can come back again next year! Thank you.

Take care Butler!  See you next time!

02-Aug-15 Karen and John

Year #2.  Splendid!  As usual.  Many thanks.

25-Jul-15 From Vanessa

Thanks for everything, the room was spectacular, the beds were incredibily comfortable and the breakfast was so tasty.  Thanks again.

25-Jul-15 From Janet

Thank you.  I hope we will be able to return sometime.

19-Jul-15 From Jean and Dave

Always a pleasure.  So good to be back.  Love the hospitality and friendship. 

19-Jul-15 From Cheryl and Chuck

We always have such a great time with Dorien, Bill and Butler in their beautiful home!  This was year 13--looking forwad to year 14! 

17-Jul-15 The Pembroke Group

We are running out of words, but not appreciation for your wonderful hospitality and warmth, food, attention to detail, etc.  We just love coming here!

04-Jul-15 From Arie and Joy

Second time a charm our-go-to place to stay in Stratford.  Love the attention to detail.

02-Jul-15 From Tina and Sid

Awesome stay!  What a gorgeous house and one of the best breakfasts ever!  Thank you for the wonderful hospitality!

28-Jun-15 From Judy and Terry

Thanks for a lovely stay! 

28-Jun-15 From Dave and Connie

Thanks for a great time.  We will be back Aug/Sept.

21-Jun-15 From Audrey and Barrie

Great food/company/accommodation - hope to return soon and enjoy your beautiful gardens.

21-Jun-15 From Kris and Dave

Thank you for a wonderful weekend - relaxing, good company.  Food and presentation so delicious.  The yard is beautiful, Butler a delight. 

21-Jun-15 From Heidi and Mark

Lovely home - great food - fun weekend!

20-Jun-15 From Margo

If it is true that the bery best service providers delight their customers than please know I have been delighted each time I have come.   The comfort of the Haus, the lovely gardens where I hang out, the warm hospitality and the amazing breakfasts just keep me coming back.  The 2015 visit was extraordinary as always. 

19-Jun-15 From Mary Ann and Don

We had such a delightful time staying in Room 3. The breakfasts, hospitality, gardens and all the little extras were wonderful.  The sherry wine was a nice touch. Thank you so much for making our fist stay in Stratford special. 

17-Jun-15 From Karin and Allan

A throughly delightful stay in every way.  We were very comfortable in our Red Room.  Delightful breakfast.  Thank you for your kind extras - take aways from breakfast, the sherry night cap and freezer packs for Karins recent injury.  We shall return! 

14-Jun-15 From Brad and Monica

Thank you for your Wonderful Hospitality; the time and effort that you invest into the B & B Shines!  Excellent Breakfasts.

12-Jun-15 From Fred and Tina

Another great !!! week. Fun, Fun, Fun with wonderful friends.  Looking forward to the August trip when were are back! 

07-Jun-15 From Valerie and Bruce

Thank you for a lovely weekend.  You opened your home to us like we are family.  We look forward to our return.

07-Jun-15 From Earl and Marilyn

It is a delight beyond words to come again, enjoying the beautiful home and your friendly welcome.  See you again.

03-Jun-15 From Anne

Thanks for the great food and accommodation.  I hope Bill's surgery goes well, and soonish, and that he's running around the next time we come.

31-May-15 From Dominic and Rita

Thank you for making our first B & B experience wonderful.  The ambience, the food & the company was great.  Thanks again. 

31-May-15 From Mario and Anna

Everything was wonderful.  We enjoyed every moment.  Thank you.

27-May-15 From Bonnie

 We loved our time with you.  As I said to my daughter, The B and B was a big sucess.

24-May-15 From Rosemary and Graham

 Wonderful stay!  Dorien and Bill have thought of every need and convenience.  Delightful.  Thank you.

23-May-15 From Anu and Keto

 Pure pleasure!  Wonderful hosts!   Wonderful guests!

21-May-15 From Judy and Anthony

 Great stay as usual!!  Thanks.

18-May-15 From Carmela and Paul

Thank you for the recipes.  We certainly enjoyed our stay with you in your lovely home! ....I'm sure we will see each other again.   

17-May-15 From Patty and Vince

 Thank you very much for sharing your home with us.  We were very impressed with allthe details.  Lovely room, house and EXCEPTIONAL baked goods.  We hope to return again soon.

21-Oct-14 From Joan and John

Thank you so much for such a lovely time.  It was great to see you both again and look forward to our next time together!!  Really enjoyed your hospitality and great breakfast.

19-Oct-14 From Peg

A short but delightful visit.  Thank you for the comfortable room and the delicious breakfast.  Enjoy your winter break.

19-Oct-14 From Neil and Jane

Another exceptional experience.  Our new favourite annual visit!  Thanks for your usual hospitality, warmth and wonderful breakfast!

17-Oct-14 From Joanne and Mike

Thanks for a lovely stay.  The food was wonderful. 

17-Oct-14 From Linda and Kirk

Thank you for a lovely time.  It made our first time special.  See you again.

12-Oct-14 From Ken, Lorne and Gloria

 Thanks for a great stay and a fabulous breakfast.

05-Oct-14 From Cindy and Carol

Thank you for the wonderful stay - beautiful setting, delicious food, friendly people.

05-Oct-14 From the Ladies from Guelph

We had a very short but delightul visit, with excellent food and excellent company.  Thanks so much. 

03-Oct-14 From Kathy and Jef

 Such a wonderful visit.  Our thanks!  We are already planning next year's extended trip.

02-Oct-14 From Marilyn

Second visit - another charm.  Thank you!

29-Sep-14 From Judy and Anthony

 Great stay as usual!!  Have a lovely winter and we'll see you next Spring!!

26-Sep-14 From Margo

Ah, the end of my 2014 theatre season--and what an ending it was.  3 remarkable plays and my "usual nest" at Amadeus Haus.  Lovely, warm hospitality, amazing food, all 3 (including Butler of course) hosts at their best.  Thanks so much.  See you in June.

Email - What a great week...You and Bill and Butler are such a part of my enjoyment of my "theatre immersion" times. And, our morning time seems particularly special.  I so enjoy coming down and joining you for my coffee and watching you do your expert prep work while chatting with me as tho you had not a care in the world.  I don't know how you do it...Such a special time that I look forward to.  I was pleased to hear Bill saying that you enjoy it too.

26-Sep-14 From Phyllis and Mile

 What can we say, but another enjoyable stay with great hosts, good food and company.  Hope to see you again next year!!

25-Sep-14 From Doug and Holly

 Wonderful return visit!  Thank you so much for a great stay!  The food, the company and the overall experience.

20-Sep-14 From Earl and Marilyn

 Lucky 13 - many times to be with you all.  Another terrific stay with all your TLC.  Cheers!

20-Sep-14 From Carol and John

So wonderful to be part of not only the 6-pack but the Murray family of regulars.  Best B & B ever!

20-Sep-14 From Stephanie and Roger

The six packs returned in full force.  Great weekend.  Just like coming home!  Love you guys! 

Thanks again for a wonderful stay, the outstanding yummy breakfasts and the cookbook.  Loved the beer bread and the muffin selection was the best ever.  My mouth waters just thinking about them.  The filled crepe with the egg is definitely one I will make many times.  Love visiting with you.  Have a wonderful year.  Looking forward to seeing you next year.

18-Sep-14 From Wendy and Jim

This was our first time here but we loved it and will definitely return.  Everything was above and beyond our expectations.  And we loved Butler.  Thank you so much!

18-Sep-14 From Phil and Kathy

Thanks again for another great stay.  We'll be back in the spring.

15-Sep-14 From Jon and Debi

We love you guys!  Only 11 months and 3 weeks until we see you again! 

14-Sep-14 From Laura

 So happy to get here... so sad to leave!  This is such a special place because of you all.  See you next year!

14-Sep-14 From Peggy

 It hs been so great to be back again this year - reuniting with a group of truly spectacular individuals.  Love you all!

14-Sep-14 From Jerry and Joyce

 Another wonderful week.  It's always like coming home.  See you next year.

07-Sep-14 From Ella

So very, very nice.

07-Sep-14 From Kim and Marilyn

 Fabulous B & B.  The attention to detail everywhere is spectacular!  Wonderful breakfast.  We will be back.

07-Sep-14 Luis and Joanna

We were very lucky, although we made last minute plans to stay the night on our anniversary weekend, we ended up at one of the most lovely B & B's in Stratford.

06-Sep-14 From Barb and Jim

 Another great stay!  We look forward to our time with you and at Amadeus Haus every year.  It wouln't be a great Stratford experience if we couldn't stay here.  All the best for the rest of the year.

01-Sep-14 From Chuck and Cheryl

Another fabulous time at the best B & B in North America!  Looking forward to next year!

31-Aug-14 From Joyce and Mark

Had a wonderful time! 

31-Aug-14 From Dave and Judy

 A great weekend... as usual!  Thank you!!  We'll be back!!

29-Aug-14 From Darlene

A much shorter visit but wonderful as usual. 

29-Aug-14 From Fred and Tina

 Another glorious time at Amadeus!  Already looking forward to next season...

27-Aug-14 From Randy and Cindy

 You two set the standard for hospitality.  Hope to see you in '15.

27-Aug-14 From Lou and Carol

Thank you for your hospitality and fine, awesome breakfasts!  Hope to see you next year.

25-Aug-14 From Will and Arlene

It was wonderful - and is now gone like the morning mist on the river.  We look forward each year to being here at Amadeus Haus with you.  Have a wonderful end of season and then a tappering off.  'Til next August... 

We really enjoyed being with the two of you at Amadeus Haus again this year.  Staying with you remains an integral part of our enjoying the Stratford experience. 

24-Aug-14 From Pat

Perfection!  Perfect hosts, perfect setting, perfect breakfasts--perfectly lovely time.  So many thanks.

17-Aug-14 From Frank and Joan

We had a lovely stay - a great sleep and a marvelous breakfast.  Thanks for everything.

16-Aug-14 From Andy and Barb

We continue to have a wonderful time each summer at Amadeus Haus and are always pleased with the many good memories we take with us as we leave.

14-Aug-14 From Tom and Ann

As always, lovely to be here!  Food delicious, and service wonderful.  Stay well - see you next year. 

14-Aug-14 From Jan and Rich

 A highlight of our summer - we look forward to our visit every year.  This our ideal of a B and B.

13-Aug-14 From Joyce and Bill

 Thanks for everything.  We felt very "at home."

10-Aug-14 From Chuck and Brenda

Thank you for another precious time with you.  We loved every moment.

Thanks again for making Stratford 2014 a delightful one.  We love being at the B & B and sharing Butler with you.  Dorien, your breakfasts should be in Gourmet magazine they are that delicious.  We absolutely loved seeing you both catching up on each person's news.  I hope, Bill, that the fourteen months awaiting the ankle replacement go rapidly for your sake.

09-Aug-14 From Wilfred and Lona

 We had another nice time.  Every morning good food and good company.

06-Aug-14 From Jack and Joy

Had a great weekend, thanks again for the wonderful accomodations.  We always look forward to coming. 

06-Aug-14 From Karen and John

We had a glorious time with both of you and the other guests.

We loved our stay in Amadeus Haus.  Both of you are very special hosts, or rather I should say special people.  Dorien, you have an inner beauty that compliments your outer beauty and this makes coming down for breakfast every day a joyous experience. (Of course it helps that you are a great cook.)  We look forward to seeing you both again next year.

20-Jul-14 From Joe and Kim

We can't thank you enough for all of your years of hospitality.  You always make us feel so welcome and at home.  It has been a privilege to share this beautiful house with you for a few days every summer....Thank you for making us feel like family. 

18-Jul-14 From Joyce

Another year, another great experience thanks in large part to you.  We sooo enjoyed our stay with you.

18-Jul-14 From Liz (Pembroke Group)

All's well that ends well - in this case, another delicious breakfast sends us on our way.  Thanks again for every perfect thing.  Looking forward to next year.

17-Jul-14 From Peter and Agnes

 We always feel not far from home when we come to Amadeus Haus.  Thanks for your kindness and the excellent condition of the house and garden!!  Looking forward to seeing you in August.

17-Jul-14 from Ken and Jane

 Thank you again.  We had a wonderful time.  Your Breakfasts were out of the world.  'God Willing,' we will be be back next year.

15-Jul-14 From Ken and Terry

 What a wonderful time we had at Amadeus Haus last week!  We can't thank you enough for all you do to make Stratford such an outstanding experience for us.  In fact, on the drive home we both agreed that we didn't think we could go to Stratford unless we stayed with you.

06-Jul-14 From Ken and Anne

Tremendously appealing garden!  Breakfast and bed... all wonderful.

05-Jul-14 From Peter and Lorraine

 Thoughtful, considerate hosts - Dorien and Bill who have a marvellous "bed and breakfast" and who have provided their guests with great food, excellent conversation.  An inside and outside top faciltiy.  Many thanks we will be back.

01-Jul-14 From Moira and Mimi

Thanks for the very special visit to Stratford.  It will be my Aunt's highlight memory for a time to come.  Mauro and I will be back to visit Butler and your lovely garden again!

29-Jun-14 From Marc and Maria

 We had a lovely, lovely stay.  Thank you for a fabulous experience and delicious breakfast.

22-Jun-14 Kim and Dave

Thank you again for making our short getaway a perfect weekend.  We really enjoyed your hospitality, you have a real gem.  It is so wonderful to see two people who enjoy their business a much as the two of you and make their guests feel so welcome.  Enjoy the rest of the season, take some time for yourselves.  Looking forward to our next visit to Stratford.

22-Jun-14 From Kim and Dave

 Thank you again for making our short getaway a perfect weekend.  We really enjoyed your hospitality, you have a real gem.  It is so wonderful to see two people who enjoy their business as much as the two of you and make their guests feel so welcome.  ....Looking forward to our next visit to Stratford.

18-Jun-14 From Jeannie and Sam

 Thank you Dorien, Bill (and Butler) for being so welcoming.  It has been a wonderful stay with you after all these years.  We will be back again soon!

14-Jun-14 From Veronica and Tim

 Thanks so much for the lovely welcome and super tasty breakfast.  Will be back!

13-Jun-14 From Fred and Tina

 Wonderful time as always with very, very special friends.  See you in August!

13-Jun-14 From Will and Gay

 Thank "yall" for a fantastic visit, delicious food, delightful company, and gracious hospitality!

04-Jun-14 From Pam and Lorne

 Everything just great including the fabulous cooking.

31-May-14 From Danny and Leslie

 Very nice stay - Breakfast was amazing!!

30-May-14 From Jane and Ed

 Very pleasant stay - delicious breakfasts!  Thank you.

29-May-14 From Mike and Candy

 We were pleased to be able to "fit in" (one night stay) with you again.  Great house, food, guests and hosts.  Thanks.

29-May-14 Lynette and Allan

Wonderful stay, Dorien, Bill and Butler!  We have had a wonderful time.  Thanks and see you soon. 

25-May-14 From Tom

 Wonderful Setting, Wonderful Food, Wonderful Hosts. Thanks again.

22-May-14 From Judy and Anthony

 Great stay as usual!! Thanks!!

22-May-14 Gerry and George

 Thanks for a lovely night and a delicious breakfast.  Always nice to return.

21-Oct-13 Rick and Helena

 "Adieu', but not good-bye!  We'll be seeing you soon.  Your kindness and friendship are always appreciated and always treasured.

19-Oct-13 From Jane and Neil

 We so very much loved your beautiful home and your warm and welcoming personalities!!  We will be back.  PS Food was awesome!

18-Oct-13 From Susan and Jim

 It is so good to be back with you.  Thank you for a wonderful, graciously-hosted stay and a delicious breakfast.  We hope to be back next season and to bring our friends.

10-Oct-13 From JoAnn and Bill

 What a great getaway.  Hope to see you next season.

06-Oct-13 From Philip and Caroline

 Bill and Dorien, thank you for another wonderful season (11th) with you.  You're amazing hosts, have a wonderful home and always make us so welcome.

Honoured to have received the 2016 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor.  Thank you to all who have and continue to review us on Trip Advisor. 



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